Champlain Valley Horse Shows
Should we continue offering complimentary coffee and donuts on Sunday morning? Yes or No
Should we continue to offer shavings? Yes or No
Should we continue to offer stall cleaning? Yes or No
Would you like music playing in the background? Yes or No
Should we change our Advanced Beginner division to be Novice Rider open to all ages and requires an individual canter/lope? Yes or No
We'd like to offer automatic entry into our year end award program next year and increase the value of our prizes to be around $100. To do this we'd need to increase our class fees by $1.00 to help pay for the $3000 cost of year end ribbons/prizes ($1800 for prizes, $1200 for ribbons). Would you support this? Yes or No
Should we change to a full weekend format or stay with the Saturday night/Sunday day format?
Are there any classes/divisions you'd like us to offer next year?
Are there any classes/divisions we should remove next year?
Briefly, what did you like about our shows?
What can we do to improve our shows?
Are there any rules you feel should be changed?
Suggestions for class winner prizes?
Suggestions for weekend championship prizes?
Suggestions for year end awards?
Any fun events held Saturday night you'd like to see us offer?
Any other comments/suggestions not listed above you'd like to mention?